Track Record

This is where we show off what we have accomplished and you can see real business owners describing how the service we offer has had a tangible positive impact on their business, as it should. This is what it is all about.
Bolstering marketing efforts to help drive business growth
Kevin Witheford from SEALPAC UK discusses his experience of working with our part-time Marketing Director, Pete Jakob.
A fresh approach to marketing

Abzorb Services talks about working with a part-time marketing director and the benefits their expertise bought to the company.

Looking for the right person with the right expertise
Frenkel Topping talks about how its part-time Marketing Director Fareeda Jaleel helped to drive its 5-year strategy for the business.
Refocusing marketing efforts and providing brand clarity
Suttons Group talks about how our part-time Marketing Director helped refocus its marketing efforts.
Case Study: support with merger integration and rebrand

The Marketing Centre helps newly merged specialist care partner Blueleaf develop a strong brand proposition.

Brand positioning for Network Space

Network Space talks about working with The Marketing Centre and the benefits of having a part-time Marketing Director.

Upskill your marketing team with a part-time director

Adam Sullivan from Baywater Healthcare talks about how The Marketing Centre has helped to bolster it's marketing efforts.

Case Study: Redefining brand position

The Marketing Centre helps customs consultants Customs Connect redefine their brand positioning with positive results.

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