Track record

Track Record

Case Study: Helping A Brand With Younger Audiences

The Marketing Centre helps DRWakefield reinvigorate their brand and build a grassroots marketing presence.
  • The coffee market had become (and continues to become) more and more fragmented by start-up roasters seeking different and unique speciality coffees, disrupting the category.
  • DRWakefield needed to adapt to the shift in coffee culture – new independent coffee bars who buy selectively and no longer just commodity buyers.
  • DRWakefield wanted to develop a marketing strategy to deliver to the established traditional commodity buyers, yet also drive strong engagement with smaller roasters to harness growth in the market.
  • Create a brand that was differentiated from the competition and more in-tune with the current coffee culture.
  • Relaunch the DRW web presence to meet this younger, more demanding, audience’s expectations.
  • Leverage the expertise, knowledge and quality standards of DRWakefield through an integrated marketing strategy engaging growers and roasters alike.


  • Established DRWakefield as the ‘one-stop, global, green coffee experts’.
  • Contributed to annual revenue growth of 12% Year On Year since 2011.
  • Leveraged a strong brand presence with key market influencers such as the Soil Association, Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance as well as farmers in origin.
We have come a long way in a short space of time. Initially I was sceptical about the need for a brand refresh but the process has added strategic clarity to who we are, what we do, and why we’re good at it. Our part-time Marketing Director, is passionate and enthusiastic about getting results. We’re still very much on the journey but with a part-time Marketing Director on my team I have the confidence to know we’re getting there.
Simon Wakefield, Business Owner and Managing Director
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