Case Studies

This is where we show off what we have accomplished and you can see real business owners describing how the service we offer has had a tangible positive impact on their business, as it should. This is what it is all about.
A fresh approach to marketing

Abzorb Services talks about working with a part-time marketing director and the benefits their expertise bought to the company.

Looking for the person with the right expertise
Frenkel Topping talks about how its part-time Marketing Director Fareeda Jaleel helped to drive its 5-year strategy for the business.
Refocusing marketing efforts and providing brand clarity
Suttons Group talks about how our part-time Marketing Director helped refocus its marketing efforts.
Support with merger integration and rebrand

The Marketing Centre helps newly merged specialist care partner Blueleaf develop a strong brand proposition.

Brand positioning for Network Space

Network Space talks about working with The Marketing Centre and the benefits of having a part-time Marketing Director.

Upskill your marketing team with a part-time director

Adam Sullivan from Baywater Healthcare talks about how The Marketing Centre has helped to bolster it's marketing efforts.

Case Study: Redefining brand position

The Marketing Centre helps customs consultants Customs Connect redefine their brand positioning with positive results.

Case Study: Investing in training to increase ROI
The Marketing Centre helps Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors to meet its five year vision by developing a robust and actionable marketing strategy.

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