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Are you a B2B business? And is LinkedIn a fundamental part of your marketing and new business development strategy and activities? Well (almost certainly) it should be!  Without a doubt, LinkedIn, done well, can dramatically improve marketing and sales performance.

What's the event about?


The primary aim of this webinar is to help business leaders understand how they should be using LinkedIn (and the associated products like Sales Navigator) as tactical and operational platforms that integrate into the overarching marketing and sales strategies and plans.  Our intention is to simplify and demystify LinkedIn, without any jargon that will allow people to maximise the reach of their brand and generate leads that turn into customers, that keep coming back.

During the session you will learn how to develop a LinkedIn strategy with your ideal customer/client in mind that will lead to better prospects in less time.  Ultimately we will demonstrate how your teams can integrate our systems and processes into their daily working lives so they can take ownership and responsibility that will drive business performance.

This event is relevant for CEOs, MD’s and business leaders with financial responsibility for the P&L within small and mid-size businesses (£5m+).

Guest speaker:

Ged Leigh

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Ged is an accomplished B2B Marketing Director with over 25 years’ experience in senior roles at Private Equity backed and SME companies across a breadth of markets including technical textiles, structural steel, construction & fit-out, engineering, geotechnical, waste management and paper. 

He is an expert in all things LinkedIn, as well as being a skilled practitioner in creating marketing strategies which transform how a business attracts, retains and engages customers across national and international markets.  A proven skill set that includes brand development and implementation, CRM implementation and automation, multi-channel communications, product and innovation management with extensive digital experience that covers websites, social management, lead generation and online advertising to drive traffic and sales conversion. 





Please note: The content of this event will be aimed at people running businesses or organisations of at least 20 staff and it’s unlikely to be so relevant to sole traders or micro-businesses. If a registration does not fit our delegate criteria we reserve the right to cancel the registration. We verify you via your use of your professional email address in your registration. Registrations made via personal, rather than professional, email addresses will not usually be accepted.