Coronavirus Q & A Webinar

Note: The video starts at 4 minutes - the first question being asked is: “What is the legal advice for pay entitlements for employees unable to work due to childcare issues?"


Here are some shortcuts to the key topics to help you navigate to the answers you need most:


Legal Questions - Answered by My Inhouse Lawyer

What is the legal advice for pay entitlements for employees unable to work due to childcare issues? 

1:35 - If we reduce staff from 5 days to 4 days and we need to reduce their pay – do we need to put it in writing to them? 

3:14 – can they do it quickly with a quick consultation with the team? 

4:27 – External contracts – if something external is ceasing or changing what can we do? 

7:30 – Which do you think should stay open- what are the legal connotations in protecting my public facing staff? Am I liable if one of my staff become ill? 

Finance questions - Answered by Your Right Hand and The FD Centre

10:17 – Managing cash flow and costs - Can you talk to us about rent payments and paying suppliers 

11:38 – What about paying other suppliers? 

12:43 – Someone is in a service office, but the receptionist and office staff are working from home, but the building is still open which seems like a loophole? 

14:31 – What things can we do to protect our cashflow and pay our employees over the coming months? 

15:51 Have you got any advice for us which costs to cut and which costs to carry on paying? 

17:27 The VAT deferred announcement what is exactly meant by this, do we need to make our next payments or is it the following quarter? 

19:14 – Can you speak to us about chasing debt, what advice do you have? 

21:58 – If you pay a monthly direct debit as an advanced VAT payment? 

22:45 – What sort of forecasting should I be doing to plan my costs and the actions I should be taking to reduce my costs? 

24:25 – What is the economic outlook for the rest of this year? 

26:55 – Can you talk about PAYE and other payments we should be doing 

29:37 – Can you talk about the Coronavirus business interruption loan scheme. How can we take advantage of it? What are the requirements and details and is it worth consolidating other loans? 

HR questions - Answered by People Puzzles

34:50 Can you start off by talking about the difference between statutory sick pay, the job retention scheme and maybe if people are off with kids from school.  

40:13 – If people are self-isolating, if they’re sick or not sick, if the kids are home and they’re sick? 

41:18 – What is holiday entitlement while someone is furloughed? 

42:07 - If you got a pool of people and you’re only going to furlough say 20 people doing a certain job and you got 30 of them, how are you going to choose? 

44:42 – If I think I need to furlough someone now but I need them in a week or 2 week’s time or I want a different person to furlough next week, is that possible? 

45:35 – Top 3 tips on motivating people who are working remotely 

1:01:01 – Do we have to pay an employer the 80% or is the money going to magically appear in our bank account straight from the government? What do we know so far? 

1:02:03 – Would it be safer to do the 80% calculation and then take off NI before we give the money to the employee and see what happens? 

1:04:09 – What about backdating the furlough?  One group of staff what date can we furlough them from? What about the people that were already made redundant or started made redundant? 

1:07:30 – What about pension payments on furlough? 

1:08:38 – Two people have written in and said Christine starts maternity leave ending on 1st May and Mary says she has a new starter at the beginning of next week. Can we furlough people the day they walk into the business? What alternatives are there for someone due to come back? 

1:10:07 – What about a new starter starting next week? Can you defer their start date? Can you rescind the letter of appointment? Can you furlough them straight away? 

1:12:17 – You can’t furlough people unless they were employed before 26th February 2020.  

1:12:49 – Can we part-time furlough people?

Marketing Questions - Answered by The Marketing Centre

46:59 – Marketing – What do we do during this really difficult time, what do we cut and what do we invest in? 

49.48 – What can we do build a rapport with our customers at this time when we can’t see them face to face when the world is in a very strange place? 

IT questions - Answered By Freeman Clarke

52:25 – Can you talk to us about the technology challenges are for business specifically at the moment and what advice you have for us? 

55:02 – How are companies who are going to have to rely on remote working and different systems potentially for quite a long period of time, what would you recommend them reviewing right now and what investments if it’s even possible should they be making in order to carry on with business as usual?