Coronavirus Q & A Webinar - 2nd April


Steve Clarke – Freeman Clarke – CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors 

00:49 – Now our staff are at home, how can I make sure they are working effectively? 

02:26 – How do I continue to work closely with suppliers and outsources now I’m running a business that’s made up of people working from home? 

04:32 – Can tech help me sort out my operations and supplier chain to deal with the current situation and the new normal that’s coming down the line? 

06:13 – What role might blockchain technology play in adjusting current problems caused by centralization? 

07:30 -  What could I do to make sure my team are working safely from home right now with the right technology? 

08:57 – Am I more at risk then from a cyber-attack at the moment and is there anything I can do? 


Richard Hancock – The Marketing Centre – Part-Time Marketing Directors 

10:56  What advice can be offered so far as to what we should we be doing during this pandemic and what we should avoid doing? 

13:35 – My current business is being severely disrupted by current events, what should I do to find new markets? 

17:35 – What should I be doing to prepare my business to grow again once this is all over? 


Nevil Durrant - The FD Centre – Finance 

19:58 -  What are the expected economic impacts recession, the banking sector, will it be like 2008 or 2009? 

24:15 – Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan – Can you talk us through the general experience on  applications – How are banks behaving? 


Jane Ryan – Your Right Hand – Part-Time Bookkeepers 

25:20 – Credit Control – How do we get as much money in as quickly as possible? 


Sharon Bridgland-Gough – Peoples Puzzles – Part-Time HR Directors 

30:16 – What should be the practical process for furlough? 

32:59 - What’s the process for reducing hours or reducing income? 

35:38 – Does furlough affect maternity pay arrangements? 

36:37 -  What about annual leave arrangements? Can I force people to take annual leave? Can they carry it over?  

38.53 - What tips do you have on remote working?  


Yinan Zhu - My In-House Lawyer – Senior Level In House Legal Support 

40:47 – What’s the legal view on the performance on external contracts at this time? 

44:58 - What’s the LEGAL stance on refunding customers for cancelled events due to Covid-19? If out standard T&Cs cover Force Majeure and Government advice, are we entitled to push for a postponement/Credit rather than a refund.  

49:37 - How to determine the right level of duty of care to employees whilst trying to maintain business viability; what’s the legal connotations of protecting publicly facing staff and what if they fall ill?