The C-19 SME Resource Centre

Helping your business through these challenging times

Introducing the C-19 SME Resource Centre

We’re talking with SME business leaders up and down the country every day. And the feedback is loud and clear that there is little really useful real-time information out there for people like us. That’s why we’re so passionate about doing what we can to help get through these challenging times, and build towards a better, stronger future.

That’s why we’ve created the C-19 SME Resource Centre – the latest updates and information on Coronavirus and your business.

Simply register and we’ll keep you updated with the latest additions.

Pragmatic advice from every business discipline

The SME Resource Centre collects together pragmatic advice from our 90 strong group of Marketing Directors who spend their lives working with SMEs; to this we’ve added guidance on financial matters, IT, HR and more from our trusted partners; plus, links to government and business sources.

We do hope you find this resource useful and we can spark some optimism and shared enthusiasm for building a better, stronger future together.  

Find the advice you need from the resource centre quickly:

  1. Marketing Matters - tactics you can implement now
  2. Expert advice on marketing in current times
  3. Guidance from our Liberti partners on HR, Financial and Legal concerns
  4. General guidance on business leadership and government resources
  5. On-demand webinars 

Marketing Matters - tactics you can implement now

Insight from experienced Marketing Directors about marketing in a world reshaped by C-19, plus useful hints, tips and advice.

Greenworld MM18 v2

Marketing Matters #18

Responding to change and uncertainty; the business impact of Covid-19.

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Durham Lane #17 (4)

Marketing Matters #17

What does your sales landscape look like in the new normal? 

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Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters #1- 18

Watch the series and keep your business on track...

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Marketing insights and guidance

Conceptual image with ladder reaching increasing graph v3

The Marketing Centre 2020 Accelerator Framework

A five step framework to help you seize the opportunities and steer clear of the risks of COVID-19 and any associated downturn.

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25 questions every business owner needs to ask about their marketing right now

Here’s a download of the 25 key questions our clients have been deliberating with their part-time Marketing Director to work through these questions as they pull together their scenario plans. 

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businesses c19-1

What kind of business do you want to be during COVID-19?

While it’s important to be proactive and look for opportunities, it’s also important to step back occasionally and reflect on our own behaviour. 

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How to step up during the downturn

Even in a recession, there are things that business owners can do to strengthen their hand.

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Marketing in a world reshaped by Covid-19

Practical guidance from our expert team of part-time Marketing Directors on the best marketing tactics to implement during these uncertain times.

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Now’s the time to perfect your marketing ready for the restart

Now’s the time to perfect your marketing ready for the restart

What can you do right now to find and make those marginal gains so that when the lockdown ends and the economy kicks in, you’ll have the edge?

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Trying to stop time

Don’t let coronavirus stall your marketing

Here are a handful of things that business-owners can do to prepare for what’s ahead and, hopefully, minimise the impact of coronavirus on their business.

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How to keep your customers

How to keep your customers

Loyal customers form the backbone of long-term business success. This is the cohort that sees your company through good times and bad. 

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COVID-19 - an immediate marketing response for business leaders

Sensible things that you can do today that will make things better for your staff, your customers and your business.

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Insight from our Liberti Partners

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Finance: Latest Government measures to support businesses through Covid-19

The FD Centre have set out the support measures from Government for
businesses in respect of the Covid-19 Pandemic - updated 14th May 2020.

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business documents on office table with laptop computer and graph financial diagram and man working in the background-1

HR: 5 key furlough dates and actions for businesses

We now know more about how the extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) will work.  Business owners need to take stock now and plan for the coming months with these five key actions.

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Legal marketing

Legal: My Inhouse Lawyer Covid-19 FAQs

Top inhouse lawyers responding to some of the questions you’re asking (regularly updated).

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Top View of Boot on the trail with the text Whats Your Next Step?

HR: Questions business owners should be asking when thinking of reopening the workplace

We understand that each business is unique and may have bespoke requirements. However, we still recommend that you start planning for the various scenarios now.

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Orange E-Commerce Button on Computer Keyboard. Internet Concept.

IT: Three steps to online B2C: How to create a new channel

The ultimate question is, How to pivot? We’re not talking about stopping the bleeding but creating another long-term channel of substance. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy. But this is a whole new opportunity for the long-term; here’s how to get it right from the start.

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business documents on office table with laptop computer and graph financial diagram and man working in the background

Finance: Submitting Your First Claim For Furlough Costs

We’ve pulled together a dedicated guide to help you navigate the key questions you need to answer to submit your first claim for furlough costs.

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Business leadership and Government guidance


Vistage: What kind of leadership shines during a crisis?

What type of leader is best at ensuring that their business not just survives, but emerges enriched?

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The Institute of Directors Coronavirus Resource Page

Advice from the IoD on working from remote working,  government support and business continuity.

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