Events & Webinars

Our events and webinars cover a range of marketing topics and insights to help improve the marketing in your business, along with providing a platform to share knowledge, and spark new connections.
Trent Vineyard Conference Centre, Nottingham
Wednesday 16th October, 2019
In this event Rebecca Jenkins explains what it takes to gain competitive advantage and grow your business. Providing insightful strategies that can be implemented into your own business, helping it grow and attract new clients.
lrwin Mitchell, Sheffield
Friday 18th October, 2019
In this interactive session we will share with you what a “high performing team” looks like and walk through the roadmap, so that you have a clear picture of what it takes to hire and nurture 'A Player' performers within your business, as part of your business growth strategy.
Mercure London Watford Hotel
Thursday 14th November, 2019
If you want to succeed, you must know how to negotiate. Understanding how to conduct effective negotiations is crucial to unlocking value and forging strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.
Winstanley House, Leicester
Wednesday 20th November, 2019
In this interactive session Brad Waldron will challenge business leaders to acknowledge the difference between good and GREAT - providing insights into how your business can win big in today's marketplace.
Wycombe Heights Golf Centre
Wednesday, November 27, 2019
This masterclass will bring to life the differences that we experience in human behaviour and why relationships break down and teams fail to meet expectations.
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