Events & Webinars

Our events and webinars cover a range of marketing topics and insights to help improve the marketing in your business, along with providing a platform to share knowledge, and spark new connections.
Trent Vineyard Conference Centre, Nottingham
Tuesday 11th February, 2020
Malcolm's interactive workshop includes guidance on 'the one question to ask - every day!', what a leader should be doing and the leadership styles you can be using effectively.
lrwin Mitchell, Sheffield
Friday 14th February, 2020
Following on from our ‘Creating High Performance People’ session, this time we’ll look at how to retain and motivate your best people. Do you know what makes them tick? What they really care about? And what to stop doing that makes them leave?
Winstanley House, Leicester
Wednesday 12th February, 2020
Most businesses hit a wall that prevents further sales growth. To scale a business and go beyond that wall requires the marketing function to be effectively leveraged.
Friday 13th March, 2020
How To Price Your Platypus’ is part of a series of events sponsored by Towergate and the Liberti Group and offers a practical workshop that helps you to find ways to increase your price, whether you sell products or services
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