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Empower your business with a 360 Marketing Mentor



360 Marketing Mentoring is a weekly mentoring programme to establish a highly effective marketing function within your business focussed on achieving your goals.

Delivered by The Marketing Centre’s team of experienced Marketing Directors who guide you through our tried and tested Marketing 360 approach to create a structured programme of development aligned to your business targets. Your mentor provides the right balance of support and ‘holding to account’ to ensure progress is made.

Why use a marketing mentor?

  1. Achieve more than you thought possible with a limited time input
  2. Benefit from the experienced support of a proven marketing expert
  3. Agree targets and goals and monitor progress towards them
  4. Flexible approach can be targeted to address your most pressing needs
  5. Spans the full 360 of marketing from lead generation, to retention to brand
  6. Develop new skills and learning for you and your team
  7. Cost effective solution that delivers return on investment

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Who we help

Typically, we work with small businesses of under £3m turnover. This is often Business owners who realise that they don’t yet have an effective marketing function and are looking to set one up within their business. We also work with small management and marketing teams who are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and develop a focus on results.


Our mentors

This programme is delivered by genuine experts selected from The Marketing Centre team of 90+, each with successful track record in senior marketing roles. All mentors have specific experience working with a variety of smaller businesses and start-ups and are adept at getting up to speed quickly with the intricacies of your business.


How we interact

The programme is delivered in 2 hour sessions on a regular weekly basis. The majority of interactions are via video conference, with occasional face to face meetings. All activity is tracked on an online dashboard which enables a single view of agreed goals and timings, and close monitoring of progress.


How hands-on?

We are mentors – coaches – guides. Our aim is to help you, your team, and your support services, such as freelancers, to take the actions necessary to make progress. We won’t be stepping in and taking over, we’re there to help you to do it for yourselves – the right first time way. If you find additional marketing resources are required, we can recommend suppliers from our extensive network or support you to recruit.

How we help

In the first working sessions we build an understanding of your business goals, what value proposition you offer, how you are differentiated from your competitors and vitally, agree what are the targets for your 360 Marketing Mentoring programme. Your mentor then builds your specific online dashboard. Your dashboard includes all the Marketing Centre online resources that you can use. We agree waves of activity, each action related to your business and mentoring goals. Your mentor then works with you to implement these actions, through a weekly call.  At the end of each wave of activity we review progress, cross check the actions for the next wave and make sure we’re progressing towards your goals. At all times progress can be seen on the online dashboard. The process is structured yet has the flexibility to accommodate the needs of every business and their unique circumstances.



360 Marketing Mentoring is based on a fixed monthly fee, paid quarterly and set at a level to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit.


Explore for yourself how on-boarding an experienced marketing mentor helped our customer Simply Supply Chain bring focus to their marketing with positive results. View case study here.



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