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Our Marketing Matters series provides insightful videos and on-demand webinar content that we hope will help you prioritise the right actions, learn some new skills and be inspired by other business leaders.

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Greenworld MM18 v2

#18 - Case Study: Responding to change and uncertainty; the business impact of C-19

David Aitken from GreenWorld Technologies, shares some first-hand experiences on how they are now leading their business through the pandemic.
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Durham Lane #17 (4)

#17 - Case Study: What does your sales landscape look like in the new normal?

Demand generation specialists durhamlane talk about their journey in the current climate and share their thoughts on the changing landscape of sales and business development.

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MM16 Richard Philips

#16 - Top tips to help win government contracts

Our marketing expert Richard Phillips shares some practical tips for procuring quickly and efficiently in the face of current pressures and demands.

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MM15 - Growth

#15 - What business do you want to be during Covid-19?

Our marketing expert Robert Stead identifies some business behaviour themes and discusses what business leaders can do to make a positive out of a challenging situation.  

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MM14 Rob (2)

#14 - Do you need to switch marketing channels?

Our east midlands regional director Rob Croxall, discusses why businesses should be revisiting they marketing channels and shares some insights into how best to make a switch. 

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ICA MM13 (4)

#13 - Case study: How ICA are helping businesses overcome the challenges of remote working

Pamela Blanchard from Communications Advisors ICA, discusses how they are helping companies overcome the technology challenges of working remotely.

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MM12 Dan Shirley

#12 - The importance of video

Director of SmartEye Productions Dan Shirley explains why video is more important than ever — and how companies can get it right.

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MM11 Julie Brook-1

#11 - Rebalancing your marketing budget

Our regional director for the north west, Julie Brook shares some top tips on how to rebalance your marketing budget in times of crisis.

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MM10 Christine (2)

#10 - Keeping your customer focus

Keeping your customer at the centre of your business strategy is more important then ever. Our regional direction Christine Durkin shares 3 useful marketing tips.

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MM9 ENL (1)-1

#9 - Case study: How ENL has adapted to current challenges

SME business addressing current business challenges and seizing opportunity in new growth areas.

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MM8 Robert (1)

#8 - CRM tips to help your business during lockdown

Our marketing expert Robert Stead shares some useful CRM tips on what you can be doing now to get the most out of your CRM, to how it can help support your business in these challenging times.

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Scantec MM7 (1)

#7 - Case Study: How Scantec have adapted their business model

Recruitment agency Scantec share insights on how they are adapting their business and seizing opportunity during lockdown.

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Baywater MM6 (2)

#6 - Case Study: How Baywater Healthcare have dealt with the changes in demand and procedure

Baywater Healthcare discuss how they have been adapting their business in light of the current climate.

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MM5 - Growth

#5 - How to ready your business for growth

Our marketing expert Richard Hancock discusses preparing now for the growth that will follow once we emerge from this crisis.

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Linkedin MM4 (2)

#4 - Why you should be using LinkedIn more

Three of our Regional Directors explore why it is so important for sales teams to be using LinkedIn to build relationships from home, along with a step-by-step approach to achieving better results.

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#3 - Identifying possible new markets

Here we discuss some different approaches that you may wish to explore in order to identify new markets and opportunities.

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MM2 Richard

#2 - How should your marketing react to the current environment?

Our marketing expert Richard Hancock talks about reviewing your routes to market and embracing new communications technologies.

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MM1 Richard (1)

#1 - What can I do in the short term?

Richard Hancock, Regional Director for London, focuses on some immediate actions that you need to take, if you haven't done so already.

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