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Marketing Mythbusters 

Step-by-Step Guide to the six common marketing misconceptions - and the truth behind them. 


Marketing Myths dispelled...

The world is full of myths – well-established ‘knowledge’ that simply isn’t true. Mount Everest is not the world’s tallest mountain, for instance. The Great Wall of China can’t be seen from space, and the word “sushi” does not mean “raw fish”.

Marketing is no different. Our field is laden with misunderstandings and misconceptions. Quite a few of them originate with marketers – or at least with self-proclaimed experts who don’t have the credentials, experience or clarity to support their claims. They may not walk the walk, but they talk the talk, specifically to business owners who aren’t clear about the role marketing plays in their business, who pass those ideas on to their peers – and the myths just keep on spreading.

A proven, experienced Marketing Director has built up the meaningful insights and practical experience necessary to spot and debunk these myths. Our Marketing Directors have come together, identified six of  the most widespread and consistent marketing myths they’ve encountered time and time again – and explained exactly why they’re wrong, untrue or simply the result of a misunderstanding. Read on as we uncover, explain and dispel these myths... 

Marketing is rife with misunderstandings, misapprehensions and outright mythology. (The Marketing Centre)



In this step by step guide, we will help dispel the following myths...

  • Marketing is all about lead generation 

  • Marketing is all about brilliant ideas

  • Marketing is an unnecessary business cost
  • Anyone can do Public Relations

  • You can't measure ROI in digital marketing
  • Writing good marketing content is easy

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