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Help your business grow with a part-time Marketing Director



The Marketing Centre gives business owners access to a wealth of strategic marketing talent who excel at helping businesses grow – we define and develop brands, find and generate leads, win more sales and keep customers loyal.

We operate on a part-time and therefore more affordable basis; because we believe that every business deserves its own Marketing Director.


Why use a part-time Marketing Director?

  1. Experience - Your own strategic professionals with PROVEN business success.
  2. In-House - Part of your senior management team, working with your staff to achieve your short and long term goals.
  3. Team - We are part of a wider group of over 90 directors with considerable combined knowledge and experience, bringing that breadth of insight into your business as needed.
  4. Low Risk - Time commitment is controlled by you, and you can end at any time.
  5. Clear Return - See value demonstrated quickly, with measurements put in place from day one.
  6. Network - An amazing little black book of trusted partners and suppliers, plus the ability to negotiate hard on your behalf.
  7. Results  - We get things done, roll our sleeves up and get stuck in fast, no training needed.
  8. Mentoring - Experienced leaders who can assess and develop your team to grow inside your business.
  9. Win-Win - No red tape, no holiday or sick pay, no NI, no recruitment fees.
  10. Low Cost - A fraction of the cost of a full-time director of this calibre.

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Who we help

Over the years we have found where we provide the most help, support and impact is to businesses turning over £3 million upwards. Why? This is about the time where a business can take full advantage of the realignment, strategic implementation and growth strategies our part-time Marketing Directors createSee who we work for.


Our Marketing Directors

We hand-pick people who combine experience of large businesses with an understanding of the budget and resource restrictions of smaller businesses and are happy to roll their sleeves up to make things happen. Each of our team of 90+ part-time Marketing Directors has a successful track record in senior marketing roles,


How we interact

Many business owners discover that having a Marketing Director four days a month provides the best balance between creating forward momentum and real impact, but affordably. Some need increased time initially to create the momentum required, and then revert to once a week further down the line. Our flexible work engagement provides you with the power to increase or reduce the time investment at any point, so you are in control from the start.


How hands-on?

We cover all aspects of marketing from brand definition, lead generation and customer retention through to reporting, implementation and communication tools. We agree a strategic business and marketing plan, focus on the priority areas and get on with it. 

How we help

We work alongside business owners as part of their senior team to deliver results and create a step-change in profitability.



The cost is dependent on the volume of work required. The Regional Director will be able to go through with you specific costing after you decide what the best fit is for your business needs - we invoice monthly for the days worked that month, and there is no set up fee.


Time-to-Get-Started-IconReady to know more? Just fill in the form and we will be in touch, or else give us a call on
0208 012 8281 if you have any questions.

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