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Craig is an experienced business leader and marketer with over 30 years of service on both client and agency side (with some family business miles thrown in for good measure). He’s an enthusiastic builder of relationships with a passion for making a difference. Context is one of his mantras.  He’s built brands, created multiple marketing teams and run an international branding agency. Providing support to firms in hospitality, beauty, technology, house building, tourism (whisky!), finance, property, legal and publishing has been a joy. He is a member of the main Edinburgh Leisure Board and the Strategy & Finance Sub Committee.




Radisson Red - Delivered, from scratch, a brand platform and multi-channel strategy including web, app and social media content/engagement for global brand. Sales and lead generation collateral delivered to enable hotel acquisition targets to be met. Employee value proposition defined and implemented to enable recruitment.

Obtree Technologies - Pulled together fragmented European team of field & HQ marketing staff (UK, Spain, Switzerland and Germany). Turned around partner channel and direct salesforce marketing in 6 months to facilitate immense growth (over 570% in 2 years). Planned and instigated pan-European marketing activities (including product/service launches in 2 countries)

Scotch Whisky Experience - Supported the CEO in raising the importance of brand investment to the board, established a brand platform and mapped client experience to focus improvement

Applecross Properties - Defined and established the brand and its supporting platform – accolade of Scottish Housebuilder of the Year won. Re-orientated the design and building functions around the customer. New customer acquisition: leader of sales, marketing and customer care areas growing head count and robust operational processes/procedures to deliver revenue growth of 280%

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