Iain Mallon

I have 30 years’ experience in developing Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Sales. 

I have a track record of developing brands, propositions and communications to targeted sales channels in both B2B and B2C. 

My background is in manufacturing, financial services, education and energy at Gillette, Velux, Octopus Investments, AXA, Clifton College and Good Energy. I have developed significant partnerships such as B&Q, Virgin, Tesco, and John Lewis. I have specified and delivered digital sales funnels that have enhanced customer journeys and increased sales. This involves improving existing communications and increasing digital reach and sales conversions.




Good Energy: Dec 2018 to Sept 2019
Interim Preposition Consultant (UK)
Good Energy is a leading green energy supplier in the UK:
New strategic, customer journey, proposition and acquisition plan.

Royal Agricultural University: Aug 2017 to Oct 2018
Interim Head of Marketing and Recruitment (UK & International)
Marketing Strategy and CRM funnel to increase student numbers:
Enquiries increased by 45% and open day attendance up by 38%.

Interim Business Line Manager, Octopus Investments (UK) 2016 – 2017
Major project to improve funnel effectiveness and efficiency:
Fundraising doubled and all funds filled one month before deadline.

Marketing Director, Clifton College (UK and International) 2013 - 2016
Developed a new brand and acquisition funnel:
Reversed a 6-year decline in income and established a successful team.

Friends Life, Director of Marketing & strategy 2010 - 2013
Developed and delivered new B2B/D2C digital propositions:
Developed new B2B & D2C proposition and conversion funnel for key accounts including Tesco, AA and John Lewis.

AXA Director of Marketing: 2003-2010
B2B Multi-channel offer with telephone sales, face to-face selling and on-line sales.
AXA moved from 40th to 3rd and income grew from £7m to £40m over 7 years.

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