Jean Moncrieff

Jean has 20+ years experience building and scaling high-tech businesses. 

He co-founded a startup specialising in cloud-based content management solutions, taking the company to £5 million in revenue before exiting through a management buyout.  

Since then he has worked with business owners and leadership teams across various industries; helping them develop marketing strategies, implement operational processes, and navigate the challenges associated with growth. Skilled at developing high-performing teams. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.


ACF Technologies (Customer Experience Management)
Creating a marketing strategy to support the company's global growth strategy. Implementing an inbound marketing strategy and coaching staff transitioning into the marketing role. Working with the management team to define target markets, product positioning and messaging.

Messageware (Enterprise Security)
Currently working with the management team to reposition existing products in a quickly evolving enterprise security market. Driving inbound lead generation with a focus on sales and marketing alignment - automating lead flows, lead qualification process, and marketing/sales automation.

Jibestream (Indoor Navigation)
Created a marketing strategy, including refining and segmenting the company’s target market, defining the sales and marketing processes, and implementing a digital acquisition strategy. Create a global partner ecosystem. Our efforts contributed to Jibestream’s 250% growth trajectory in 2016.

Data Connect Corporation (Event Management Software)
I was responsible for overseeing the redevelopment of core applications for the companies event management software, and new product development, including FastSell, a cloud-based application that facilitates firesales between US food distributors.

Commonplace (Cloud-Based Community Engagement)
Created the marketing strategy for inbound lead generation and redesign of the company website on HubSpot’s marketing automation platform. Helped define their target audience and refine their marketing communications.

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