Part-Time Marketing Director In Home Counties | Juliet Strong

Large Co. Experience: Microsoft; Nintex

Small Co. Experience: Anaplan; ITESOFT



Juliet is a B2B technology marketing specialist with 15+ years’ experience in UK and EMEA markets working with global brands, fast growing challengers and growth-driven small businesses.  Juliet believes that common success factors in almost all businesses are building a strong brand and creating sustained lead generation for long term growth. She’s passionate about creating smart, customer-centric, integrated marketing to meet individual goals and budgets, blending traditional and digital channels. She also has deep experience of driving tight sales and marketing integration so leads generated are accelerated with the highest conversion rates to boost the bottom line.



Generated 2,000+ new sales leads in 8 months and a qualified pipeline of £2.2m through the development and execution of an integrated demand generation programme spanning content syndication, weekly webinars, pipeline acceleration tactics, lead nurturing, content development, and joint marketing with regional partners.

Delivered a thought-leadership programme aligned to Brexit which resulted in over 200+ white paper downloads, senior event attendees and global press coverage

Concise CRM
Successfully launched a new service offering including defining go-to-market approach, development of branding, creation of online demand generation assets and sales and marketing toolkit.

Executed a phased, multi-channel customer engagement programme resulting in face-to-face engagement with 450+ strategic customers across 5 sales regions.

Delivered a multi-faceted channel programme to accelerate sales and marketing activity for Microsoft Windows 10 - 21 channel partners actively engaged with 11 partners adopting all modules
Designed and delivered a demand generation programme for 5 global software vendors including multiple events; resulting in 180+ new qualified leads and adoption of the approach as a best practice for worldwide roll-out

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