Michael Williamson

Since 1995, Michael has been working at senior leadership team level of companies with a particular focus on Telecoms, Technology Services, Fintech, Retail & E-Commerce, including online sales experience of Office Products, Services, Software and Beauty Products.

 Since 2008, Michael has specialised in international marketing with a focus on North America, Europe and Middle East and helping companies grow sales and market share in these regions. Michael gained his corporate experience at O2, Vodafone, Symantec and Staples. He has an MBA Degree from London Business School and a Masters Degree in Marketing from Kingston Business School.


Staples, Vice President Marketing - grew sales of office products through e-commerce, CRM and B2B marketing in 19 European countries allowing Staples to exit unprofitable retail stores.

KMX Healthcare, Global CMO - grew sales of beauty products through e-commerce, Amazon FBA and CRM in Europe and North America, including overseeing the product development process.

Symantec, Vice President Marketing - grew sales of software and technology services through e-commerce, Amazon FBA, CRM and B2B marketing in over 100 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, allowing Symantec to transition out of software CD sales into cloud computing.

Vodafone Group, General Manager, Head of Customer Acquisitions - grew sales of telecoms subscribers through e-commerce, in over 30 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

O2, General Manager, Head of Pay & Go Mobile - responsible for customer acquisitions, loyalty and revenue management for O2’s prepay mobile business unit in the UK - growing it to the largest pre-pay mobile customer base in Europe.

Casio, Head of Marketing - responsible for multi-channel marketing and establishing Casio in digital technology through a number of key product launches.

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