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Nikki is a highly skilled marketing director with over 20 years experience in developing and managing the marketing functions for fast-growth B2B organisations, as well as those undergoing restructuring. She has significant experience in European and US market expansion for privately owned, VC and PE funded organisations in the technology sector and consulting services. Nikki has often been the first person in marketing role in the company or region with responsibility for developing go-to-market strategy and team to support rapid revenue growth.



Achieved 6x pipeline cover, against pipeline model target of 4x and highest in company during a period when Europe top performing sales region with highest NNARR, customer retention and lowest ARR churn.

Developed territory entry plan and pipeline model for evaluating resources required by country for expansion into Europe, Israel and Japan. Secured Executive team and Board approval for international marketing budget.

Recruited and nurtured a highly effective team of field marketing staff in Europe. The company was Inc 500 number 1 fastest growing software company during this period.

Restructured and coached existing team to enable them to balance career goals, skills and team objectives to more effectively support corporate revenue, business unit and market awareness goals.

Drove high impact lead generation programs during triple digit year-on-year revenue growth. Built a collaborative corporate communications network of internal and customer spokespeople. Worked closely with Product and Technical Evangelist teams to establish successful Community Conferences and Customer Advisory Boards in Europe & US.

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