Stephanie Gentle

An experienced senior marketing leader with a proven track record in successful marketing leadership and strategy. 

I help organisations to achieve profitable growth by creating and executing marketing strategy that fulfils the objectives of your business and delivers a healthy return on marketing investment. 

My peers would describe me as a very influential, fast-paced and motivational leader who delivers results. I’m passionate about measuring success, driving a customer-centric plan and coaching my team to be brilliant and deliver excellence.


Developed and implemented a profitable marketing strategy, restructured the marketing division and fundamentally changed the orientation and culture of the organisation from sales-led to marketing-led. Developed a new marketing strategy that met the business’ ambitions to grow through generating new business, making existing business more profitable and entering new markets. Restructured the marketing division. Implemented a lead generation strategy, that became the lifeblood for the company’s new business providing a churning pipeline of in excess of £500. Successfully launched into two new markets and refreshed and repositioned the corporate brand, resulting in a 10% uplift (and still rising). Demonstrable and measured return on marketing investment.

Office Depot
Leading the planning and execution of the marketing strategy for Office Depot UK, with particular focus on the development and positioning of the Office Depot brand. Responsible for route to market of all existing and new services, including a new product launch into a new market that generates sales of over £10m per annum. Repositioned the corporate brand. Developed sector and channel marketing programmes. Created and launched new leads programme that produced £900m of qualified leads per annum. Launched award-winning campaign that delivered over £6m of new business in its first year.

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