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I love helping companies make their businesses tick.

 In 30 years of developing and implementing marketing programmes in the UK and globally, I've worked with technology and communications organisations large and small - including C2000, Novell, Symantec, Kyocera, Cisco and Xerox as well as a number of start-up organisations.

Whether it's helping them build brands, drive sales, improve internal relations, launch new product categories, or just re-organise themselves so they're fit-for-purpose, nothing compares with a genuine, heart-felt 'thank you' from someone running a successful business for a job well done.


Over the last 30 years, I’ve developed award–winning, effective marketing programmes in the UK, across Europe and globally, working with large and small organisations alike - including a broad spread of tech firms as well as retail and healthcare businesses and a number of start-ups.

In that time, my teams and I have had specific success in the following areas:

Driving strategic development of brands and market positions, contributing to profitable growth and helping achieve corporate objectives, including supporting fund-raising rounds, IPO and M&A.

Creating strategic plans, converting vision and strategy into tangible outcomes.

Developing and maintaining relationships, both internally and externally with partners and strategic suppliers.

Carefully balancing principles with objectives, successfully delivering against the ambitions of all stakeholders.


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