Tony Galloni

Tony is an experienced Marketing Director with the strong ability to identify gaps/opportunities, implementing proven marketing and sales solutions. 

In a 30 year career, he has helped organisations to meet and exceed their goals. He is an extremely focused, driven, and results-oriented marketing leader with strengths in relationship building, product/service development, digital marketing, CRM, customer experience, acquisition and retention with the ability to perform in fast-paced, competitive environments.  Tony’s expertise lies in successfully conceptualising, developing, and implementing innovative/disruptive marketing projects, to drive market impact and expansion for a variety of industries in both business and consumer markets.


Part Time Career

Marketing Inside Ltd

For Eon as Divisional Director, successfully, achieved market leader status from start-up of small sustainable energy solutions

For small NHS Trust as Head of Marketing, applied unique customer experience map and measure data for elective surgery

For Brittanic Assurance as a consultant, implemented new life insurance proposition changing significantly B2C customer journey

Full Time Career

ENGIE UK - Divisional Marketing Director (B2B and B2C). Developed and implemented a robust marketing and communication strategy, including brand value, customer experience, new propositions, and growth in new markets

Won a “Global Engie Group Innovation Award” in 2017 for a new technology home hub product and the connected building, including Chatbot and Virtual Reality.

Tenesol UK Ltd. (Total Group, B2B) - Head of UK. Envisioned and implemented strategic business growth plan for Start-Up Solar PV and UK subsidiary.

EdF Energy -  Marketing Director (B2C/B2B). Created marketing in previously public utility establishing new propositions, marketing campaigns to retain/acquire customers achieving highest industry retention and win back.

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