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Almost every business will have had to change the way that they work during this crisis. Many of us have realised that some things we were doing before weren’t necessary, or that things we’ve had to try have proven beneficial.

It’s important that we learn from this. Doing things the same way we did them before would be a missed opportunity for growth and innovation.

The RSA published a really useful exercise that will help you understand how your behaviour has changed and what you can learn from that:

  1. Amplify: We tried these things and they showed signs of promise.
  2. Let go: We had to stop these things and realised that they weren’t benefiting us.
  3. End: We started these things to respond to the crisis but won’t carry them on.
  4. Restart: We’ve had to stop these things because of the crisis but now want to start them again,

To complete this exercise, start by making a long list of all of the things that you’ve started or stopped doing in response to COVID-19. Then take each of those things and drop them into each of the four groups.

Once again, these were:

  1. Amplify
  2. Let go
  3. End
  4. Restart

Try not to get bogged down in making decisions about the future now - that comes later. For the time being, just group your new behaviours under the four headings and move on to the next exercise.


You now have a good understanding of how your wider context has changed and what you’ve learned about your business, along with a sense of which new behaviours you’ll keep and which you’ll drop.


In the next exercise, we’ll look at the risks and the opportunities that have been presented and how your business can respond.

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