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Roberto’s focus is on growing revenues using a holistic approach which can include PR, Marketing, Sales and Customer Services. He makes time to understand the clients’ buying decision and decision-makers, then works backwards from there to grow revenues effectively and consistently. His approach has succeeded in organisations with a wide range of sizes, situations, cultures and resources. A big believer in the value of teamwork, Roberto is good at spotting and developing promising talent. He has frequently led the implementation of new technology and reshaped processes and organisation to maximise productivity. His broad experience has been supplemented with formal and informal marketing studies.




Vable - Chairman; Roberto has focused this small company’s limited resources on new sales, growth from existing customers and enough Marketing and PR to support the above. These changes have paid off, returning the company to growth & profitability.

S&P Ratings - Head of Market Development, EMEA; Reduced marketing expenditure by 75% whilst transforming an events department into one responsible for: Marketing: Increased effectiveness with better targeting, new technology and content marketing. Relationship Management: Increased revenues from cross-selling and strategic price rises. Product Development: Created new revenue-streams from complementary products. Business Intelligence: Data analysis to improve client understanding and competitive awareness. PR: Increasing positive press coverage.

Intelligent Growth - CEO; Eight-strong firm advising on Marketing, Sales and Product Development. Clients included BT, Dow-Jones, Thomson-Reuters and several smaller companies.

London Stock Exchange - Head of Sales & Marketing; With no increase in resources, grew sales by over 600%. Marketing won two industry awards for its effectiveness.

Primark - Head of Product Marketing - Development, launch & marketing of etrading products which achieved 74% market share against competitors like Reuters and Bloomberg • Transformed the business from UK to pan-European, growing revenues from ~£25m to ~£150m.

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